• Kylie Rowand, Pink Warrior

    BOWIE X JAMES is honored to have joined forces with the Kylie Rowand Foundation to bring you the Pink Warrior Bikini in our Spring 2016 collection.  The inspiration behind this style -- 2 year old, Kylie Rowand -- lost her battle to Neuroblastoma in February 2015. We have followed Kylie's story on instagram, where her amazing spirit captured our hearts. Her parent's Bree and Luke are passionately working to bring awareness and raise funds for pediatric cancer research through the non-profit organization they founded in their daughter's honor.
    The Kylie Rowand Foundation is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for new, promising, less toxic treatments for pediatric cancer.  They strive to make the lives of the patients and family members a little less stressful by helping to support their needs and struggles.  With every purchase of a BOWIE X JAMES Pink Warrior Bikini, 20% of the proceeds will go directly to the Kylie Rowand Foundation.


    The BOWIE X JAMES, Pink Warrior Bikini


    Sweet angel and beautiful warrior, Kylie Rowand 



    You can read more about Kylie Rowand and KRF, and make donations on their official website at . The Pink Warrior Bikini is available for pre-order now on our website, and will ship in February 2016.

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