• Spring Cleaning

    It's my favorite time of year...SPRING CLEANING! There is something so fulfilling about clearing out all the junk and toys and giving your home a much needed refresh. What's not so great, is trying to geek out on cleaning when your kids are home on Spring Break and needing to be entertained. Here are some tips on including the kids and making this a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

    1. Create a cleaning "uniform" - Let the kids come up with their own uniform that they can wear every time. Let them be fun and silly with it.

    2. Make your own cleaning solutions - The kids will have fun mixing them all up and your won't have to worry about them being around harsh chemicals. There are a ton of recipes online. Our favorite products to use are baking soda, vinegar and Dr. Bronner's Castile soap. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a fresh smell. We love Young Living Essential Oils.

    3. Turn up the music! This works for both adults and kids! The time will pass quickly when you get to dance and sing your way to a cleaner home.

    3. Window Cleaning - This is a favorite amongst my  kids. They love to spray the windows and clean it up.  Make it a little more fun by allowing them to dirty up the windows with washable paint first.

    4. Dusting the wood floors - Have your kids wear an old pair of socks and "skate" around the house collecting dust bunnies with their feet. Make it a game and tell the kids that the person with the dirtiest socks WIN! Just make sure they do it in an area that is clear of sharp edges so that everyone stays safe.

    5. Shake, Shake, Shake! Unplug the toaster and let the kids shake all the crumbs out into a paper bag.

    6. Sorting through Crayons - Have the kids go through all their crayons and sort out the broken ones. These can be used after the cleaning is done to make a cool art project.

    7. Our favorite - Let them clean the bath tub and shower in their swimsuit. They'll think its funny to be in the tub with their suits on. The best part, after they are finished you can reward them with a trip to the pool or a run through the sprinklers.

    The kids will be so proud of what they've accomplished and you can sit back and enjoy that clean house...even if it only lasts for a minute.

    Hope these tips get you and your babes ready for some spring cleaning! Have fun!



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