• MIX it up!

    BOWIE X JAMES gives girls the opportunity to discover their own style by mismatching their bikinis. Here are some ways to mix things up! 


    Pink Cloud Bikini mixed with the Pink Sunray Bikini

    Silver Lining Bikini mixed with the Black Sunray Bikini

    Blue Daze Bikini mixed with the Hot Yellow Sunray Bikini

    Heartache Bikini mixed with the Wild Child Bikini

    Heartache Bottom - Silver Lining Top

    Heartache Top - Black Sunray Bottom

    Pink Sunray Top - Purple Rain Bottom

    Daisy Top - Hot Yellow Sunray Bottom

    Silver Lining Bottom or Black Sunray Bottom with Pink Cloud Top 


    You get the idea...

    There are so many fun options to play with! 


















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